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  1. 2020, Review by Zane Onckule, Survival Kit 11, Artforum, December issue

    2019, Review by Vaida Stepanovaitė, Echo Gone Wrong

  2. Postcrete, LOWER.GREEN, 2019
    review, The White Review

    interview, Helsinki International Artist Programme

    Still Stands and Resilient Nows, 2018
    short interview

    A review of Evita Vasiļjeva’s publication if you can’t, engage (published by kim? Contemporary Art Centre, 2016)

    A productive dystopia: under construction or in decay?
    A text in response by Rene Boer to the solo exhibition Manhours in Headquarters by Evita Vasiljeva and P/////AKT’s 2017 program Thinging.

    Manhours in Headquarters, P/////AKT, Amsterdam, 2017
    press release

    Still Stands and Reslient Nows, Tallinn City Gallery, 2018
    press release

    Thermodynamic Pain and Energy Bank, De Ateliers, 2016
    introduction text by Ian Kiaer

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