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  1. Same door different street, 2020
    Duo exhibition by Evita Vasiljeva and Antoine Nessi|,
    The exhibition is commissioned by Roots to Routes | Manifesta 13 Marseille - Les Parallèles du sud. 
    Photograph: Aurelien Meimaris © Roots to Routes

    When the sun melts down a blue light on the Rue de la République turns on. Shifting lights and Mediterranean hues change the face of the city. There are seven reasons why you should make time for the sunsets*. There are seven times more reasons for artists to move, tourists to come, families to move away, new shops to open, and for refugees to come to Marseille.
    For the duo exhibition Same door different street Latvian artist Evita Vasiļjeva and Marseille based French artist Antoine Nessi have created works that reflect on the ambience and the language of the city. Inspired by the urban imagery of Marseille, Evita and Antoine employ elements from the streets and the city’s architecture, altering them into containers which cast new pieces: the familiar unfolds into something new, hybrid, reminding us that the known and the unknown live next to and within one another.

Evita Vasiljeva ©

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