1. Hormones, 2017

    Metal, concrete, wood, tie wraps, noise sensitive light
    Each part 25 x 57 x 57 cm

  2. Hormones are sensitive sculptures. The light receptors in them change colour according to the noise made by the presence of visitors that move around them. The light is cradled inside the concrete and metal structure and surrounded by loose cable ties on the floor, as if all is as easily undone.

    Vasiljeva’s interest in concrete references a recent past of imagined and also failed utopias. For instance, Bauhaus architects imagined urban spaces built for utilitarian purposes that would bring light into the workplace and home. She works with the fragility of concrete as a material and as an idea, in that while it remains a staple in urban environments, our conception of it has changed. We have now come to know it better for its degraded manifestation in post-war low-income housing.

Evita Vasiljeva ©

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